What is the key to longevity in countries with longer life expectancy

Healthy habits of its inhabitants, the medical advances of each nation as well as the most frequent causes of death, provide information for statistics, which ensures that the world average is 67,59 years. Where is Argentina The citizens of the Republic of Chad, in central Africa, only have a life expectancy of up to 40 […]

Healthy habits of its inhabitants, the medical advances of each nation as well as the most frequent causes of death, provide information for statistics, which ensures that the world average is 67,59 years. Where is Argentina

The citizens of the Republic of Chad, in central Africa, only have a life expectancy of up to 40 years, due to the difficulties for both food and medical care.

In contrast, the Argentina has an average of life coming to the 77,14 years (men and 74 women 80,54), above the world average, although just approaching the position 68 of the total of the planet, away from the countries which in theory seem to have found the fountain of youth.

10. Italy. Life expectancy: 81.86 years

The Mediterranean diet is based on the power of the Italians, and the most influential factor when determining the quality of life. The antioxidants that are found in olive oil and red wine – two main features of Italian food – can improve cholesterol, prevent blood clots and prevent diseases of the heart, according to the American Heart Association. The Italians also used spices such as basil, oregano, and garlic for flavor to your kitchen, with a low consumption of salt. Therefore the Italians improved their odds against high blood pressure and strokes.

9. Australia. Life expectancy: 81,90 years

Low rates of smoking and obesity, as well as the active way of life enjoyed by its citizens, are the fundamental factors so that they have such a high life expectancy. In addition, the ‘universal health care’ enjoyed by all citizens, regardless of their social status, is one of the most important keys.

8 Hong Kong. Life expectancy: 82,12 years

Like the Italians, the people of Hong Kong have in their daily diet one of the fundamental factors of its high expectation of life – rice, vegetables and tofu are staples – and the active lifestyle. In addition, the country reported a low level of obesity and diabetes among its inhabitants.

7 Guernsey. Life expectancy: 82,24 years

This small island in the English channel is not a member of the United Kingdom nor of the European Union, despite being a dependency of the British Crown. Good nutrition is the basis of its high expectations, as well as the theory that being rich the majority of the inhabitants of that island, that gives you access to superior healthcare quality. The fact that most are rich is due to the very low tax and well-paying jobs.

6 andorra. Life expectancy: 82.50 years

Several factors may explain Andorra to occupy this position. Firstly, this small nation, situated between France and Spain, in the Pyrenees, promotes an active lifestyle, outdoors. Residents have easy access to ski resorts, while the parks clean and in good condition are often used for the friendly football and rugby. Its citizens spend much time outdoors, which experts say it helps to lower levels of stress and, therefore, cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure. Levels of secondary education, are also taken into account for the rate of unemployment of Andorra, that is extremely low. This means that the majority of Andorrans can afford to have a high nutritional quality and health.

5 san Marino. Life expectancy: 83,07 years

The third smallest State in Europe–behind the Vatican City and Monaco – and the most ancient Republic in the world has a high life expectancy, where money plays an important role. The primary industries of San Marino are tourism and banking, and taking into account that the majority of the works are carried out in office environments, this drastically reduces the number of deaths related to the job, a big problem in other places. In addition, sedentariness is avoided with the mentality of life outdoors and sports of its inhabitants.

4. Singapore. Life expectancy: 83.75 years

A healthy diet and a clean environment contribute to longevity that presents the population of this vibrant city-State, located on the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. As in Hong Kong, Singapore is also Center of cooking rice and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients that help maintain healthy and active residents. The Government also imposes a strict code of cleaning – with very restricted smoking areas – to ensure that all the residents live in a healthy environment. Interestingly, already in the Decade of 1980, the Government acknowledged that the country’s population is aging steadily and, with careful planning, now has excellent facilities for health and programs for the elderly.

3. Japan. Life expectancy: 83,91 years

The country has a rate of obesity that impresses: only 3.1% compared with 33.9% in the United States. Much of the credit is due to the Japanese diet, which revolves around fresh vegetables, rice and, most importantly, fish. Fresh fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of accidents, strokes and heart attacks. In addition, they promote healthy brain function, helping to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. The Japanese also make healthier lifestyle decisions: they tend to walk more and avoid the excesses at meals.

2. macao. Life expectancy: 84,43 years

Like several other countries on this list, its high life expectancy, at least to some extent, to its fruitful economy can be attributed. But why this small nation in the South China Sea is so thriving? The game is their main source of income, and 70% of the money generated in the casinos is invested in public health care. The island has a variety of casinos, many of which are owned by the same “fat cats” who gave its reputation as “Sin City” Las Vegas.

1. Monaco. Life expectancy: 89,68 years

The residents of Monaco live, on average 5.25 years more than the second longest country, Macao, and more than one decade of average inhabitant of the Argentina. This country shares several aspects with other nations of long life, including an abundance of wealth and health care funded by the State. Residents also have the culture of the Mediterranean diet, which is associated with a lower risk for a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and hypertension. But many say that it is the relaxing atmosphere of Monaco which keeps residents with a good quality of life until old age. Its location along the Mediterranean Sea and the clean environment help to reduce stress, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.